Make Do and Mend

Dear Listeners

We are back with our new show on Monday 28th June 2-4pm. We want to update you on composting, growing vegetables and flowers. Do you know where your stopcock is? Did you play netball as a child or do you still play as an adult?

Find out where the Nitty Natters meeting place is and what they do for the Neo-natal ward at the womens hospital.

Listen in- this show aims to be informative and chatty. Find out about useful hints and tips to save time and money. Email us with your ideas.

Sheila, jackie and Nicky – ” Come and Join Us” on KVFM WWW


Chitty Chatty



The Make Do and Mend  show went online today, Tuesday 25th May. Further shows can be heard on the last Tuesday of every month .

The presenters are Sheila, Nicky and Jackie – we hope you like our mug-shot?

We want to show you ways of saving money and rediscovering your skills . We also want to inspire you to make the most of your environment.

Waste not, want not.Make do and mend. These are phrases we hear or read about. Being thrifty can be a positive experience and we don’t have to try too hard at it.

We would love to hear from you . You can email us on

Our tip of the month is: Always have some denture cleaning tablets – the one’s that fizz-in the house.They take out stains in light coloured clothes.Dilute a couple in a bowl with warm water then leave your stained clothing in overnight. Works well on tea and coffee stains. Ideal for cleaning your teapots, stained tea cups and also the toilet cistern.



  1. Hi Jackie and Nicky

    I listened to our show this evening – did you?

    • Not yet, but will. thought we did ok, looking forward to the next one.

    Al be tunin in deffo…could do with a few tips!!!
    this will make good listenin i tell ye…keep the good work up..
    Love Maggie Pye.x

  3. Thanks Maggie, listened to your show as well,rock on. well done.–frightening.

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