KVFM Visit to BCB Bradford

After having set off in the Central YC minibus in tippling weather, when we arrived in Bradford the sun came out (for about five minutes then it started raining again).

We were given a very warm welcome by Jonathan the broadcast manager at BCB. The set up there gave everyone especially me food for thought. If I won the lottery then I’d try and transplant BCB to K&F tomorrow.

The philospohy, ethos and porogramme mix was imopressive and something to aspire to, not some pale  immitation of commercial or BBC radio, but a refeshing reflection of the Bradford community. The way this could be transposed to K&F began to form and I could see how even more powerful KVFM full time could be for Liverpool as a whole. We must succeed!

You can listen to and find out about BCB here http://www.bcbradio.co.uk/

A big thank you to everyone at BCB

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The return of Prezza

John Prescott, pugalist and ex deputy Prime Minister is coming to Kensington next month, to look at the beloved regeneration carried out in the area, afterall it was his department that kicked off New Deal, so maybe it’s his fault?

Anyhow we are setting up a “Call Prezza” Special, where you will be able to call him up and ask him or tell him what you think of the regeneration, the show will be streamed live on the internet and podcasted. More information to follow so start thinking up you questions fro Prezza. and remember he “supports full time community railway in Kensington and Fairfield” and so do we. Any requests for Chumbawumba or the theme from Rocky/Eye of the Tiger will be considered

Mad blog entry

Well it’s like this several people have asked me what the last blog entry was all about, brainstorm, manic moment, well no I was showing Val Evans from the Edge Hill Credit Union how easy it is to blog, and er I er forgot to delete it…….blaaaaah

edge hill credit union meeting