Starters’ Pistol Fired

I have been meaning to start blogging the KVFM process but have been choc a bloc. I need to put some info on each day.

So far the Schools on board are New Park, Phoenix (new to KVFM), St.Michaels, Sacred Heart and St.Annes (more newbies). The Academy had their first session, and apparently they are a great bunch. The communtiy sessions are taking place on Tuesday’s at Venture (2 sessions), Wednesdays’ and at Lime COurt with the Loud and Clear brigade and last but not least Thursday’s at Yellowhouse.

All sessions have been well attended with a really wide mixture of people, with a few more new faces this week.

This mixture is very exciting, the thing is KVFM 2007 had a large proportion of the presenters from organisations as well (as the community) and although these  orgs are community based it is nice this time for the vast majority  to be 100% genuine community people,

different shapes,





tastes in clothes music, food and hair styles………….

all chomping at the bit, all showing signs of excitement, nervousness, joy, and lots and lots of smiling faces.

Eleven weeks and counting!!! more news, photos, videos and RAAYDEEEEEOOOOOOOO to come…………..

John’s Views of KVFM 2009 training

Hi to Steve, Carl, and all the gang at KVFM. Well we at  loud and clear radio project at lime court day centre Kensington, had a great time, on our first lesson on Wednesday  Steve,Carl  and the gang certainly knows their stuff. We are certainly looking forward to the next 11 weeks it’s been a busy road but a inspiimgp1224rational, interesting and  very exciting for us at Lime Court Day Centre.