KVfm Car Sticker


This is the winning design for the car sticker for KVfm mass marketing campaign which will be starting in earnest when I get my finger out, which is the middle of next week.

If you want to support the project then download the image, print it out and put it up in your car or house window.


Yellow Training Week 3 29th September

Well having spent a week trying to sort the script out for the Visions show, the training at Yellow House suddenly came around, where are the weeks going?

The two hours trianing flies by and it’s great seeing everyone enjoying themselves and having good laugh.

Working the controls is still a bit like patting your head, rubbing your stomach and reciting the Koran all at the same time. Need to do some work on this one, managed to stumble over the opening words of the opening show of the first radio station in Kensington, luckily it was only a rehearsal…also forgot people’s names…who I am which waveband KVFM is going to be broadcast on…. it is not on the Medium Wave I mistakenly thought…

The Picturdrome show rehearsal with Scott Marco and Robin was very good, they got into an argument about the role of Nurse Ratchett in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest……was she representative of  feminism gone astray or criticism of authority in general …it didnt  get resolved either way with any clarity, but it was fun watching it all pan out

It’s amazing how the shape of the radio station is developing from an basic idea to everyone involved putting their ten pence worth in and making their own ideas a reality, it’s very exciting.

The other training sessions are also developing including the possible appearances of a local and nationally known celebrity…..it’ll be a bit of cracker…clue there I think, more news later.

Yellow House Workshop Friday 21st September

 The Radio Workshop in the Yellowhouse

I decided I needed to have some tradio training if I was going to put myself on air in front of the Kensington Public!

 Because I’m working full time on the Alt Valley Vision launch decided the 4.30 friday slot would be the best. Got there early, all the Yellow House crew turned up. what a cracking bunch of young people!, they all got down to continuing their stuff from last week (as I’d missed the first one) I had to play catch up, by having my personal brainstorm,……

Carl helped me get over some of my blockages and clarify some of my thoughts on what I wanted my four programmes to be about. It was an interesting experience  especially having the shoe on the other foot as I’m ususally telling other people what to do. Just got to go off and do me homework for next week.

An pushing those slider controls is much harder than it looks

This week on KVFM-Week two of Training

Training continues this week

Monday pm New Park School and St.Michaels continue working on preparation of their ideas and developing new skills.

The Primary School kids will more than likely presenting the mid morning shows, lots of music laughs and interviews, can’t wait.

Tuesday Workshop using Venture Housings community room, which includes Venture themselves, the MS writers, Homegrown Music and individuals including Carl Green.

WednesdayStarted with the Academy of St.Francis in the morning and continued with Kensington Primary and Sacred Heart working together

 More details and photos to follow

KVFM 87.7 Community Radio is Coming in Kensington!!!


Coming in Kensington eh!

Yeah Ok the old Peter Kaye jokes are the best!

This blog has been set up so my good self and Carl Speare can keep you informed on the comings and goings of this new project.

We finally have enough funding to guarantee the project taking place in November from 19th to 30th.

We will be broadcasting “live” from the centre of Kensington from 8 am to 8 pm with a recorded service for the other 12 hours.

The Big Questions you are probably asking yourself is,what is going to be on?

 and is it going to be worth listening to KVFM?

Firstly the programmes are genuine community programmes, made by and for the local community.

There will be

  • music,
  • talk,
  • drama,
  • interviews,
  • competitions and
  • quizzes,
  •  all centred on Kensington people, Kensington issues and most importantly Kensington Talent!!!

Carl Speare is currently running training workshops which will eventually produce the programmes, drawn from the ideas of the local people.

Things KVFM won’t be

  • Dull
  • Boring
  • Plastic replica of City or Juice!!!!

Secondly of course it will be worth listening, becuase at the end of the day it is “Your” radio.

Keep logging into the blog for more information

or contact me


0151 261 1038

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