Talk to John Prescot Today

you can call John Prescot today between 12.30 and 1.30 on
and ask him a question about the north south divide and the regeneration.


KVFM OnLine radio “phone in” tomorrow (Tuesday 4th August)

We are holdng a special one off KVFM OnLine radio “phone in” tomorrow (Tuesday 4th August) which is being filmed for a BBC TV programme.

A well known high profile national politician will be available to answer questions and listen to your opinons about the North South Divide and whether regeneration in areas like kensington and fairifield has worked.

So think of some questions to ask him/her and get dialling (tomorrow)

Because of technical limitations we only have one phone line, and it’s the first time we’ve tried having a phone in so there might be gremlins

the programme is planned to run for an hour from 12.30 to 1.30 Tuesday 4th. Because of the vagueries of filming this may change, so keep checking the blog for information

the number to dial in on is:


if you don’t get through straight away hang up and try again in a minute or two (dont leave a message!)

As an alternative if you email me back you phone number I will compile a list and we will phone people back

The programme will be going out live on the internet click here to listen on the day

and will be recorded and added to the later this week

Steve Faragher