KVFM presentation event last sunday









The KVFM certificate event

Last Sunday marked an end point of the KVfm 2007 project in someway.

During the project last November it occurred to me that maybe we should have  final “Social”, thinking it would be a doddle to organise and put together.

My immediate thoughts were a nice Sunday afternoon  in the Police Club, some nice food, bit of entertainment give the certificates out show the video, and a good time would be had by all.

The problems which did crop up included the Police Club not allowing outside catering (at that point I really wanted Pauline Sui from the excellent Wok’s Cooking to do the food), so that put that venue off the list.

The next problem was finding an alternative big and cheap enough, the Devonshire was £500 plus out tenner a head making the event cost about £2000 which was far too dear. It may be good for organisations with bottomless pockets, but as a poor social enterprise we have to cut our cloth.

We finally plumped on Kenny Fields Community Centre, got lots of things going for it, but it could do with a make over.  Then it turns out that Pauline Sui’s husband is in Hong Kong so she can’t do it.

Any how to cut a long story short, it took place last Saturday, well over a hundred good folk of Kensington and beyond came along to  see the world premiere of the long kvfm video and the shorter “advert”.

The feeback from everyone there ws great and the event had a really cosy friendly atmosphere, everyone got a chance to meet up with their radio taining buddies. 

The food was provided by Barry from Croxteth Communiversity