1. I wonder if you could help… I am organising a Guide Dogs Awareness Event, aiming to raise awareness of guide dog ownership accross Merseyside. The day will involve demonstrations of the dogs at work, the opportunity to talk to guide dog owners and staff and a charity collection.

    I would be delighted if you could assist by advertising the event on your radio station in order to encourage members of the public to come along and find out about guide dog ownership and to support the event.

    The event is taking place between 11 and 4 on Friday the 4th of June. We are being joined at 12:30 by Luciana Berger MP who will be taking part in a blindfold walk in order to experience being led by a guide dog.

    If you would like somebody to come along to your radio station to talk about guide dog ownership, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Many thanks
    Penny Williams

    • unfortunately we arent recordign any shows next week, we are doing a week of live radio 26th to 3rd July and I can find somewhere for you to come in and talk about your organisation if you want.

  2. Dear Mr Faragher

    Do you think you can arrange for Maggie pye to be interviewed on the Make do and Mend Show? A women of her age and calibre might have a few tips she can share with us.

    make do and mend fan

    • Im sure our Maggie can teach you lot a trick or two and few new words..make do and f**k it

      • Do you think she may be available for the next show?

        make do and Mend presenter

  3. dont go there sheila

  4. On reflection- maybe not the next show! What have you got in your mouth? I’m disappointed no-one has sent me a message .

    Make do and Mend fan

    • I’m sucking on a water pipe in turkey with gusto…….

      • It looks as though you’re succking a lollipop

  5. Hi,

    Last year i participated in one of your shows around November time i think and we discussed the possiblity of you coming down to BugWorld to broadcast. This would fit in wonderfully with National Insect Week, could someone get in touch with me to discuss this.

    Many Thanks

    Rachel (Education Officer)

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