KVFM Badge

Yesterday I was in FACT on Wood Street, attending the laucnh of the Open Culture Website
The website is all Phil Redmond’s idea, you remember Phil, the man who brought us Brookside and Hollyoaks (well we’re not all perfect) adn the saviour of the Capital of Culture with the SuperLambBananas and the Spider. Anyhow he was very entertaining and on the way out I called into the FACT bookshop and on the counter was a container full of button badges for sale, and inside the basket was a KVFM 87.7 badge !!!! (round so it is from the April may broadcast).I did a double take then asked th bloke behind the counter what that was doing here??? Dunno he said….I then explained the rarity of the badge (50 produced).. So whoever left their badge there, well don for making my day.


KVFM Online

The Planned Launch date for KVFM OnLine (upto 20 hours of live Online radio each adne very week!!!) is 1st April.

No this isnt a joke folks, more news later keep reading the blog…..it’s going to be great line up of programmes including LiverpoolJazz, Liverpool Junior Football Show, Local Politics and communtiy news and much much more.