This Saturday’s South Bank Show 17/05/08

The show will be going out live between 4 and 5 pm, then podcasted on the last two shows have had over 20 downloads each, which I think is pretty good considering….

either click  on this link above or copy and past into the URL bit of windows media palyer or i-tunes

Text us live on air on 07792854307 for a shout out (request)

Anyhow we have  few guests lined up (let’s hope they can find the secret lair entrance at the back of the old harry james show room on edge lane), so tune and turn on…and listen to me mis cueing records…..

All the music from the shows is on which is really great site, great music and it’s blooming free.

The next South Bank Show

The next “live stream” south bank show is being broadcast next Saturday 17th May 4 to 5pm,

 after which it will be podcasted on .

We have some guests programmed in also report back from the Kensington Regeneration Awards Night which we attended as we were one of the nominees for the KVFM 87.7 project. We might be doing a theatre review of “On the Ledge” at the Royal Court.

The last South Bank Show

No this doesnt mean we arent doing anymore, jsut wanted to say the first show got 20 downloads and the last one has now been consumed some 14 times since saturday…..who are you and why  are you listening and what do you think of the show so far….no dont answer the last one……………

The second south bank show…out and about

The second south bank show went out last saturday and included and couple of pre recorded slots which we did at the Metal Edge Hill Station Nexus Intallation event.

All went well except the secret guest didnt turn up alas and alack.

Maybe he had problems finding the secret underground bunker/lair entrance, maybe we need a sign for it as people are having problems finding it.

The show ran over a bit and we didnt get all the information out that we wanted.

Future guests lined up include the Homegrown Music Crew, Siddi (the secret guest!!!) and the local ward councillors. So watch this space for notification of what’s going to happen, when and who!