KVFM 2009 Training continues apace

A few piccies of the training which is taking place in a Kensington and Fairifield Ward………….. somewhere near you!!


Steve Abramson smiling and working simultaneaously



New Podcasts online

In the run time to the KVFM2009 FM broadcasts in April and May there will be a series of short  streamed and podcasted shows, the first two can be found by clicking on thelink below


KVfm Roadshow 2009 visits Sacred Heart

Budding radio presenters from Sacred Heart and Phoenix primary schools put their DJ skills to the test by hosting the school valentine disco. With only 4 weeks training under their belts and with very little notice the DJ’s to be were a great success! Well done all!

KVFM Stream Cast this Thursday

Hello All

This Thursday 5th February 20.30 to 21.30 (8.30-9.30pm) KVfm will be streaming a live show from the secret underground lair radio complex , (just off Edge Lane, beneath the disused Harry James Car Show Room).


Recent Photo of Secret Underground Lair entrance

The show will be looking at local community events and also interviewing two people taking part in the radio training for KVfm in 27th April to 15th May (Steve Maudsley and Jacky Taylor) and getting their feedback on being put through their paces by Carl Speare and Likely Alliance.

Steve M will also be playing his “Kenny Island Disks” his 5 top tracks and telling us why.

There several of these shows planned and streamed and podcasted in the run up to the BIG KVFM2009 broadcast.

We will be trying out our phone in facility so of you want to come on air and speak to us , then call or text 07792854307. at the time of the show.

To listen “LIVE” click here or on the link below it should open in either Windows Media Player or Itunes Player, if it doesn’t open up straight away then copy and paste the link into the URL space and it should play then. The recording will be available as a downloadable podcast after the event on http://www.kvfm2009.mypodcast.com


listen and enjoy

Steve Faragher