KVfm 2007 Podcast downloads

Just a quick update to tell you that the current  downloads stands at 2077 x 2 hours (and it doesnt count shows that have been listened to and not downloaded) since December, you can still listen to last year’s shows on



Full time Radio Licence application

KensingtonVision are going to make an application so that we can operate a full time community radio station for Kensington and Fairfield for five years.

We have to prove that the radio station would develop a level of Social Gain for the area. This means the radio station would include training, employment and entertainment in the area, the temporary radio station did this in buckets.

I will try and keep everyoen abreast of the progress with the appliction. To begin with Sensai Carl Speare and me will be visiting Wythenshawe FM and Chorley FM (yeah there really is a Chorley FM it’s not jsut in Peter Kaye’s fevered imagination) community radio stations. So we will be giving some feedback, pics, impressions, etc, from these visits. They should help us explore and expand our thinking with regards to our future application.

Some very interesting KVFM 87.7 statistics for downloads

The three most listened to shows from the angle of downloads from mypodcast site.





These are phenomenal figures, but there are lots and lots of other shows that deserve a second listen, (including my shows!!! BIG HEAD)