The Maggie Pye Effect

We had 140 hits on the blog yesterday I have a feeling the announcement about Maggie Pye coming onboard had something to do with that!

Cheers Mags!


Coming soon to KVFM Maggie Pye

Gil Scott Heron

The godfather of rap Gil Scott Heronis on the Phil this month tickets are going fast

if we can get  a ticket we’ll review it!!!

Just having a meeting with Anthony Madume about the BBC show

Just having  a meeting with my old friend A.Madume about doing the BBC Show…..(The BIG BLACK COMMUNITY SHOW!!!!)

starting at the end of May and going out every month. The show will contain lots of interesting stuff including recipes and information on the Black and African/Caribbean Community on Merseyside….Stay Tuned

Dont forget the Reading Room is on Live from 1 to 2pm

Today on KVFM OnLine


5pm onwards  (and loop/repeated  until 1am)


with Victor GreenBerg and Michael Swerdlow

followed by the Reading Room (one hour long)

and the Loop (one hour long) (the sound is distorted on this programme due to a technical fault)

Tonight I will mostly be attending an event for the Loop and then going to see Kick Ass

I’ll be going to this event to record an interview for the May edition of the Loop, quickly followed by a trip to FACT to see “Kick Ass”

Listen in on the first Thursday of May think it’s the 6th May (why is that date so familiar?).

Interview with Van Gogh. Happy Birthday Vincent!

Just finsihed editing my intervew with van Gogh which will  be featured on the next LOOP Programme. So stay tuned to KVFM OnLine.

He’s a 158 you know!

photos courtesy of Yellow House