This Saturday’s Show 28/06/08 4pm onwards Streamed and Live

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We are trying to make the streaming South Bank Show more regular i.e. 4pm Saturdays come hail rain or shine.

If you want to listen then either click here a

nd your PC should open the appropriate program or copy and paste the link into Media Player or Itunes.

If you want to listen again or as a podcast then go here

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Secret Undergound Lair The South Bank Show-How to get there and get in

I ahve been asked by prospective guests on the South Bank Show as to where the secret entrance to the underground lair before so here it is.


The latest South Bank Show 1st June

We spoke at length about he Oxjam event at Parr Street on 12th June and as promised all the links to all the artists playing the gig. Enjoy the Music.

Link to todays show

Richard Mcguire     – 
Rachael Dunn  

Nadya Shanab 
the 10p Mixes  
Alun Parry       
The Backdrifts 
plus Ogo         

South Bank Show Today 1st June

The next South Bank Show will be going out today 1st June. between 5 and 6 pm. it will be a minimum of one hour folks.

Due to many reasons which will become evident on the show today we couldnt get everything sorted for Saturday.

So tune in today for the stream or later for the podcast.