Streaming and Podcasting feedback

Well the first South Bank Show stream went well on saturday, the only hitch being the recording is a bit distorted, but Im trying to clean that up a bit, my mic seemes to be a bit fuzzy, could be the mic could be the input it coul be me!! we were being picke up ok, even got a couple of text emssages from Denmark from a Mr P Murphy, who re streamed us though his own station!!!

On the Friday I was in wetherspoons having my usual steak and chips, and ran into Dan Lee and Siddi and asked them to be on the next SB show on two weeks time, so looking forward to that one. More information about that then.

Also took some photos but alas the camera didnt work..ah well you’ll jsut have to imagine the scene of techincal carnage which was the new KVfm Studio. The studio is based 100 feet below the surface of South bank road, in KV’s secret undergorund lair, we are the only community organisation with its’ own underground HQ, which is nice The secret entrance is at the side of the old Harry james Show room.


Streaming and Podcasting again-going live this saturday 3 to 4pm

We are starting the podcasting some radio work again and possibly streaming too.

try the link we might be on.

We are strating by doing a one hour show every other Saturday called the “SouthBank Show” well I do live in South Bank Road. It’ll be mixture music news and views. If you fancy coming on email me or call 07792854307


I’m hoping to get guests in the next shows but this Saturday it’ll be just me and Fanny Fazackerley the poshest woman in Kensington. She’s reading the stars and other stuff. It’ll be on live from 3 to 4pm Saturday 19th April and will be podcasted on

If you have anything you want mentioning at this or other programmes again email or text me

Vote for Us!!

KensingtonVision have been shortlisted for the enteprising community award (, which will be given by Cherie Blair, to vote for us click on the link below, dont forget to vote for St Seb Community Garden and also Jimmy McGovern in their categories.

and as Hughie Green used to say “It’s Your Votes That Count” and I mean that most sincerely friends