Plans afoot

I have started the wheels in motion again and the current plans are beginning to take place.

Firstly early in February (date to be confirmed) will be the certificate ceremony, a fun day where people who were involved in the project can have a bit of get together, everyone will get their official “I was on KVFM2007” certificate, have some food, listen to some local music, dance, smile, watch the KVFM video…….hopefully at the Police Club in Fairfield on a pleasant Sunday Afternoon.

Next year’s KVFM (KVfm 2008?) bigger better stronger reaching more parts; the plan at the moment and all this is dependent on the money being applied for and obtaining. It’ll be slightly longer (2 to 4 days), more people will be involved as I have this feeling that everyone from KVfm2007 will want a go  again and then there will be all the people who saw and hear KVfm2007 and wanted to know how to “Get on?”. We also want it to take place around the end of June to coincide with the Newsham Park Festival and other cultural and community events.

We are also looking at how Kensington can obtain its’ own full time community radio licence. Now getting this for the area will not happen overnight and is not likely to be set up before 2009.

Basically we need five years worth of guaranteed funding in place before applying for a licence, but Toxteth and the Wirral have managed to do it so if there is a will to have one here then it will happen. I will be writing to people shortly to get letters of support for this idea.

We are also starting a pilot project producing a bi-monthly newsheet for the area. with the opportunity to offer affodrable advertising for local businesses, some local news stories and information and a Kensington What’s On. We want to do a 10,000 print run and have it delivered to about 7,500 homes the remainder going out to shops, library etc. This is planned to happen in early March.

 And Finally “Young People”, apart from locking them all up and birching them all, something needs to be done from the Central YC all the way to Old Swan , there is a youth provision vacuum and what is filling it is youth disorder anti social behaviour, drunkeness so on and so forth. There seems to be an ability to deal with a problem once it becomes critical but at any point before that nothing seems to be done. We’d like in some way to open this debate out and to start by letting the young people have a say in the process and we hope have ownership of the process. Ideally the place needs a “Youth and Community ” Centre and a range of activities and events to keep young people interested in positive courses. We want to facilitate this process, not sure how yet, so again watch this space!!!


Podcast update

we are now on a grand 223 as of the start of Boxing Day

Fabulous 208

Not Kid Jensen on radio Luxemburg but the number of podcasts which have been downloaded in under three weeks…….

Downloading a Go Go

Total downloads of Podcasts to date is a BIG 148, that’s in less than two weeks.

Yesterday was the biggest day of downloading at 37, So people really are listening.

One of our podcasts is missing!!!

Because of a slight technical difficulty two days of the broadscast were not digitally recorded, but fear not, they are not lost, as we have taped versions, but as this means sitting there for a very long time, re-re-recording them, uploading etc. then it may be another week or so be patient if your show went out on the first thursday or the sunday….

Queen of the Podcast downloads

At the weekend I will do a league table of podcast downloads but ahead by far at the moment is Louise Baldock, with a staggering 13 downloads, we reckon its either a relative doing it or the Labour Party Central have been tipped off and she is being touted as MP material due to her media acumen and maybe even the “big clunking fist” is listening to our Lou.

Pod Statistics

The Podcasts downlaoding reached a record today a total of 77 and 18 in one day…….keep it up folks