Venture Housing- a view from Peter

Although it is now more than 6 months ago, it only seems like yesterday when Steve Faragher came to see me and in order to explain the Kensington Community Radio Project and ask whether or not we would want to support and be involved in the project. Obviously as we had not long relocated our head office into the heart of Kensington and given the plethora of initiatives we were already undertaking, we were more than happy to support the project, he also talked us into doing a show, which later became two!!

  We were lucky in that because the training was carried out in our office we didn’t have to go far, only down the stairs, although we were still late most weeks. From September onwards, we spent every Tuesday afternoon under the guidance of Carl Speare and his Likely Alliance team learning how to operate the equipment and planning for the shows. It was great fun as we also had Captain Robb and Crazy Carl,   Sheila Kirk and Joe & Mike from MS Writers group in our training group. The best parts of the training for me personally was when we practised spoof interviews and put the amps on full blast (in order test the sound proofing of the building of course) The making of our jingles was also  good fun, and provided considerable hilarity within our office, “as we are not any Housing Association, we are Venture Housing Association, we don’t just developments we do Venture Developments “, to theme within the latest M and S advert. 

 Our shows came and went oh so quickly. The two hours just goes, (although at first we thought that we would never fill two hours) and before you know where you are, you are playing your last record and making way for the next presenter. 

The main benefit for Venture was that active participation in this project amply demonstrates our commitment to Kensington, it also gave us a platform to put our message out, indeed we themed our first show on Venture Housing Association, Liverpool’s best kept secret, as despite investing more than £6 million in the area during  the past 3 years , running a community warden and welfare rights services , countless sparkles days, many Kensington residents still  don’t know who or what we are.   

We also made many new friends, and I use the term  friends rather than contacts, because I believe that the relationships developed in a project such as this go well beyond the usual contacts you make in your day to day to work. The Tuesday afternoon training slots were great as not only did everyone actively offer support and encouragement, everyone was keen for everyone else to succeed.   

I would urge anyone thinking about getting involved in a project such as this, to bite the bullet, take the first steps and get involved; it is amazing what you can do under pressure and how creative the people within in an organisation can beFinally, whilst as a Housing Association our business is about bricks and mortar and sometimes it is easy to forget that underneath all the jargon of assets, maintenance plans etc, it is people who actually live in our houses and as this project is all about people, Venture as an organisation is proud to have had the opportunity to both be involved and actively support the project.  

One nice benefit of the project is that it has also solved my Christmas present dilemma’s, as I will now be able to give everyone  a CD of the show for Christmas and for staff and close family only a CD of both shows.

                                                Peter Rogers – Venture Housing



Thanks to Joe and Mike and all at KVFM for inviting me on, last Tuesday – I really enjoyed it.

As I mentioned on the show, we are currently working with Terence Davies on feature documentary on Liverpool in the 50s 60s and early 70s. If anyone has home movies (any format) of Liverpool – particularly Kensington – we would be very keen to take a look. So far we have had cine film – super 8, 16mm footage off people and converted it to DVD and video for them. We would also be interested in featuring any good quality / interesting photos of the area – especially of Kensington Street itself (there’s not much of it left). things like the coronation, street parties, Christmas etc.


Roy Boulter
Hurricane Films
0151 707 9700

Vi(ew) from Kent

 Hi      Im mailing from folkstone-kent.   My sister,Jackie was on kvfm last week talking about  prescott street bridewell.     out of liverpool for long time but still homesick         Im listening now on your website     cheers to you all in kensington, I used to live in janet street, off wavertree road


                                                                ex scouse Vi

Italian Highlights

Did my last show today, it was the usual mixure of twice played tracks and other rushed stuff, but the highlight for emotion was Armando Capaldi telling me during the start of WW2 the windows of his family’s shop was smashed by a marauding crowd of anti Italian scousers, but they were sneaked out around the back by thirty neighbours who took them in to save them, gradually they got the shop repaired and people apologised. Living history and it brought a tear to eye and lump to throat, a real pleasure and true experience.

Last Friday of KVfm 2007 


8-10 Erika, Lily & Nikita  Academy

10-12 Jodi, Lauren & Danielle Kensington Juniors

12-2 Lisa Jones JET

2-4  Lauren & Demi Sacred Heart Primary

4 to 4.15 Steve Faragher signs off /lament and does the big KVfm Prize Draw-

Sheila Kirk

 Hi Steve

Once again a big thank you to you all for the support you have given me over the past couple of months. I forgot to say this on air as I was finishing my programme today and I feel awful about this.The time flew by as you said it would. I couldn’t hack it with the music and speaking over the mike so thank god Carl was there to help me out.

Give my regards to Old Dick and his carer – they are very entertaining. Maybe they will consider their own radio slot next year.

I’m listening to Crazy Carl and Rob at the moment and i think they are just brilliant.

Bye for now


View from Homgrown


Dear All,


Everyone at Home Grown Music would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to all at KVFM and Likely alliance for a highly enjoyable and educational experience.


Firstly the workshops were well delivered, informative, engaging and consistently fun to attend. Both Brendan and I learned a great deal and enjoyed the experience of meeting and working alongside others from the community.


As for actually going on air. What a fantastic opportunity for us to promote ourselves and many of the talented people around Merseyside.

The Home Grown Voices also enjoyed the opportunity to sing to probably the largest audience that they have as of yet, and the response we have received so far has been fantastic.


Thank you all again and here’s hoping we can have a permanent local radio channel in the very near future, we will miss the experience greatly.


Dan Lees

Secretary and Music Tech nerd