KennyQuestions Podcast I

As part of a series of ongoing projects we are developing discussions with various groups in the area.




Nic Nic


Hi Steve its Nicola C i really enjoyed the session i felt really nervous wen i saw what we had to do as the day went on i felt a bit better . thought everyone was really nice and cant wait for another go in january imgp1236

Jacky’s viewpoint


Hi Steve, just to let you know i really enjoyed the taster course, better than i thought it would be. i was a bit nervous to begin with, but once you get into it, you dont want it to end. I thought the staff were great, really helpful and patient with everyone.I am really looking forward to the next stage in January . I would say to anybody, give it a go ,cos it”s great fun . see you soon Jacky[ Jargy T]

Frankie Says “Don’t Relax Make Radio not War”


 Isn’t filling in feedback forms before you are allowed out of the room enough or do you have to elicit more praise by email ……
Session was fun, informative, would recommend it to all my friends (if I had any).  It certainly made me want to check out further radio training and now when I grow up I want to be a DJ instead of a train driver.


More Taste of the Community Part 2

So later on in the afternoon the whole kit and kaboodle reassembled in Venture Housing Boaler Street for the Open Community Taster Session.

A varied selection of people turnign up ranging from ex Ariel Trust trainee, to local actor, Local musician and couple of Pole and a German and even a local Councillor ( although I beieve he was just after free chippy dinner).

The training was recieved very well by all the participants, and I have a feeling the period between now and the start of the trainign for real will be filled with the furious sound of people thinking and planning their shows for April and May.


The whole group listen intently


The only person at the training with an Equity Card (Paul) that we know of.


This is DJ Liam, the train now arriving at platform 9 is the 2.30 from Kenny….Let’s Rock


Ben mind mapping the Kensington and Fairfield adventures of Noddy in KVfm land


Chris rubbing his hands wth glee at the prospect of presenting his own show

More Taste of the Community Part I

The second lot of Radio Taster Days kicked of yesterday, the first part of the day was again at Lime Court, with a different crowd this session.

A mixture of adults with a vast range of disabilties all got down with Captain Carl and Dave, to present themselves on the mic. Some very interesting stories, including the life and times of “Ten job Billy”, West Yorkshire’s answer to Richard Branson, at the age of 14 he had four jobs, including paper boy, part time dinner lady, delivery boy and newspaper seller. He even worked at Meccanos and with Jimmy Saville, How’s about that then.


Kevin Unphased by fading


Cathy on the Mic


DJ Joe


Billy Ten Jobs

Loud and Very Clear-a message from the man with plan


Well Steve, we certainly enjoyed ourselves on wednesday’s tasty taster, ok we was all nerves at first but we was soon made to feel relaxed and confident. Ho what fun we had too, we was still buzzin after the session Carl was fantastic, Dave is stll hated by Bob lol, and the Lady who’s name has alluded me, we all fell in love with. Seriously though you were fantastic and you made our day. We at Lime Court and especially the loud and clear group who attended the tasty taster on Wednesday would Like to thank all of the KVfm gang for their hard work and expertise. We certainly look forward to meeting and working with you in 2009.
So please sir can we have more.