The Maggie Pye Show

She’s going Live on KVFM OnLine in May and each and every month, the one the only Maggie Pye.

Tune in and relax while Maggie tlaks about the News, her week.

Problem spouse, unruly Boxer dog,  can’t find your spray, then Solve your personal problems in the “Ask Maggie”, section of the programme    (send in your problems, queries now to

Stay tuned for the broadcast dates.



  1. Congrats on ur new venture Mags, caint wait 2 tune in, i will give u a ring on the phone in, got a niggling problem & i think u will b able 2 stare me in the rgt direction with ur pearls of wisdom! Best Of Luck T x

    • oooh sounds a good on there T…cant av a phone in yet girl think their guna see ow i behave meself if ye can email it into me girl at i will read it out an hopefully solve it fer ye…
      thanx fer the best wishes girl.
      love Maggie.x

  2. maggs how the fook do i get a decent fella girl ?

  3. Maggs all your kids love u girl .xx you are so fab with a gorgeous heart when i was in hospital you made me smile with your lovely messages thank you so much maggs lv yer girl.xx a true facey

  4. I think AManda will be finding out soon how to fund a a fella

    • Amanda…tune in to me show…ye might just get ye answer girl..

  5. alright kids….ye cant get the staff these days can ye eh…theyve said me show is goin out at 11am but its meant to say but 11pm…imagine puttin me on in the mornin haaaaa the air would be blue.
    ok everyone its 11pm.
    and dont forget, get those problems sent into me will ye on
    and for those of you who emailed askin if im ever going to have a phone in, leave ye comments on here, because its not up to me ye see…their scared to let me loose kids,i might just run wild haaaaaaaaaa

  6. Maggie, congrats and all that on your first broardcast. You where hysterical!! looking forward to your next show.
    Well done

    Julie Mc an Jay

  7. No its not Les Dennis

  8. maggie your gonna go far girl,love ye to bits histerical…

  9. Great show- very entertaining! Don’t forget to listen to make do and Mend.



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