Day 1 Report back and stats


The day started with heavy rain, and a visit by Radio Merseyside’s broadcast van turning up to do a report on KVFM. Got a bit wet standing outside, but Carl and Jessica were very good and came over well, especially Jessica’s “Dream” Story.

The first show from the Academy students went well,  the two girls Sacred Heart did a splendid job, inteviewing Tony Snell (who was our guest of honour). I did my show…..enough said and then it was onto the Mark and Paula who did well despite a guest not showing, Steve and Jacky were as good as expected including a visit from old Alt Valley mate Vinnie Timmins, Vinnie it’s time to come back to Kensington and Fairfield were you’d be appreciated. Finally Ian “The Prof” Sinnott was on, with me as a guest, well why not. There’s not much Ian doesnt know about the 1948 Telegraphy Act I can tell you.


Lucky Winner

Finally there’s the first of 19 set top box winners Mrs Cooper of Gwenfron street, who was well chuffed at winning the set top box….

Also nearly three hundred people visited the Blog Gosh!!!!



  1. Had a really fandabulous time doing the show, Jacky did great ! ! ! i need to relax a bit more…coupla more shows coming up, should be good… would like to do more of this…we need a permanent KENNY RADIO STATION !…. knowhatamsayinkidda.

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  3. great day working with some fantastic people want to do more and more shows cant get enough of it steve and me done good cheers jacky

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