First day of test transmissions

The first day of test transmissions is over! Virtually everyone turned up and turned up on time.Everybody was buzzing, the anticipation, the joy, the smiles, the laughter, everything was great.
At one point, and I’m not being maudling here, we all realised we were wall waiting for Carl to turn up, saunter in, put a box or a bag down, slip on the heaphones and start up in Radio Mode. Alas we all knew thie wasnt going to happen, so we all tried to make it as close to normality as possible, it’s what he would have and it’s what we tried to achieve.
Highlight of the day, Dave Speare’s new knickname “Goldilocks” could this be because of his long luscious curls of gold…well if you know Dave then you’ll know that’s not true. Well it was because of the way he likes his coffee….he tries the first cup on the table…..ooh too hot, he tries the second cup…..tooo cool…. finally it’s the third cup (lukewarm) Aaaaaaaa just right….there you go Goldie……..Nice one Dave. See you all tomorrow


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  1. Steve, Sheila, Wendy, Dave, Lisa, Tracey – thanks for this morning and for getting up so early to let us do our test transmission when Liam came off nights. I know, I can feel, that this is a going to be a wonderful three weeks and that we will all have Carl in our minds. It is the best tribute to him that I can think of, you are all doing a wonderful job, at a very difficult time and I think you are fantastic.
    I am proud to be in Kensington (and Fairfield) with such great people. Thank you so much for everything you are doing

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