Some very very sad news

It is with great regret that I have to inform everyone that Carl Speare passed away last night (20th April). I was informed by Jane his wife that he collapsed and died while playing raquetball.

I have know Carl for over twenty years, but only worked closely with him over the past four years. At this stage I’m not sure what we are planning to do about KVfm2009, I think I am still in a state of utter disbelief, and trying to cope with the shock.

As soon as we know more details about what is happening I will let everyone know.


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  1. I am very shocked to hear of Carl’s death. My name is Robbie Robinson I have lived in Australia for 15 years and I boxed for the Golden Gloves club with Carl in th 1970’s Carl would be around 6 years older than me and when I was 14 he was an established star in the England boxing team, representing the country and wiining a Bronze medal in the 1974 Commonwealth games in Christchurch New Zealand. Carl lost a controversial decision in the semi-finals to eventual champion Frankie Lucas who I also got to know very well when I turned professiional with Frankie’s manager. Carl was a great role model for us Dingle kids, myself, Brian Snagg, the Owolabi Brothers, Jimmy Nilsson and many other lads. He was very talented, an exceptionally hard trainer and in my view vastly underrated. My late father Bobby Robb trained Carl for several years and on Carl’s return from Christchurch he gave my Dad one of his Commonwealth Games vests. My Dad gave the vest to me shortly before he died when I was in Liverpool a couple of years ago, and I always meant to give it back to Carl, but as so often happens never got the opportunity. I well remember going to the Royal Albert Hall in London when Carl was England’s star of the night with a superb win against the Hungarian champion which sealed his place in the Commonwealth Games team. I respected Carl a lot, I know he did a lot for the Dingle/Toxteth community after finishing boxing, and I deeply regret not getting in touch with him after I migrated to Australia. Please convey my deepest sympathy to his wife and family.

    Robbie Robinson

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