The view from Jess’s Head


I wanted to add some feedback about the Radio programme i wasnt sure where to put it, couldnt find the blog so here goes:
What a wonderful experience it is to have the opportunity to present a radio show.  Ive always dreamed of doing it but never thought it would be possible until i got the Kensington Vision news letter through my door with an advert for the Radio Show KVFM.  I jumped at the chance and at first was really nervous.  I love meeting new people and the diversity and culture of everyone at Yellow House has really inspired me. This might sound a little ignorant but i didnt realise just how much community events are happening in Kensington.  Ive met some lovely Polish people and even attended a Polish evening where different organisations present their services.  Its a chance for all the community to meet each other and taste some lovley Polish and English food (very nice).  At radio every week ive met a local Writer, pharacist, a gentleman from Africa who is doing football exchange for our children to have the opportunity to play football in Africa (how cool is that!!), there is so many people with great talents.   I do like to talk and am having real fun planning my journey of the 2 hour show, working together to improve our skills.
My show is about aspirations, dreams and reaching for your unlimiting potential.  Im a little anxious with how it might go but im learning to just relax and enjoy the experience. What will be will be, as long as im being truthful to my topic, the audience will sense that (thats the plan). Karl and Dave (the mentors) are great, they really get the best out of me without giving me the answers.  They empower me to think for myself.  I told karl and Dave that they keep unlocking something inside me and everytime i have doubt they help me to look at it from a different perspective.  I have learnt not to worry too much about the listeners for now as its putting too much presure on me, just be yourself and the confidence will come…
Dont get me wrong im having a great time and carving some time out of my busy life for ME!! however i have been struggling the past few weeks as i was worried i sounded contrived because i was reading the script and wanting my delivery to feel more natural.  I think ive found a solution (yippe), ive dedided to use mind maps as my script, this will suit me more (fingers crossed).  I am really lucky and have some really inspiring and totally dedicated to their proffession, guests on the show so am looking forward to interviewing them.  So i hope you will join me on Sat 9th May between 10-12
As im writing this im getting really excited,  so for now
Carpe dium  (Seize the day!!)


Streaming Tonight

KVFM streamcast tonight 6.3 0 to 7.30  available through the link below
The guests tonight are Carl and Rob kvfm2007 and 2009 presenters talk us through their Kenny Island Disk choices.