More Taste of the Community Part 2

So later on in the afternoon the whole kit and kaboodle reassembled in Venture Housing Boaler Street for the Open Community Taster Session.

A varied selection of people turnign up ranging from ex Ariel Trust trainee, to local actor, Local musician and couple of Pole and a German and even a local Councillor ( although I beieve he was just after free chippy dinner).

The training was recieved very well by all the participants, and I have a feeling the period between now and the start of the trainign for real will be filled with the furious sound of people thinking and planning their shows for April and May.


The whole group listen intently


The only person at the training with an Equity Card (Paul) that we know of.


This is DJ Liam, the train now arriving at platform 9 is the 2.30 from Kenny….Let’s Rock


Ben mind mapping the Kensington and Fairfield adventures of Noddy in KVfm land


Chris rubbing his hands wth glee at the prospect of presenting his own show



  1. That’s our Liam, down wid da kids
    (well he is only 26, unlike me and Wendy)

  2. I have got a jacket and pair of Y-fronts older than Liam

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