KensingtonVision FM

What a journey that was.  It was all over far too quickly.  It’s like the anticipation and fear of waiting to go on a roller coaster ride and then when it’s all over you want to go on again. 


 It has been a huge learning curve, not only how to use all the equipment, how to interview people and address the public but also about all the other groups in the area and what they do.  Val and I went in totally green and came out budding celebs!! That is down to the great team who steered us along so we didn’t lose our way.  We started with the usual introductions and then were given a flip chart page to do a mind map of the areas of our service.  We were asked to add people we could interview and information that we would like to share.  By the end of that first training session we had the outline and general content for two, two hour shows and had a go of using the broadcasting equipment.  At first we didn’t realise how much work we had covered in just one two hour session but thinking back it was a hell of a lot.   

There was no stopping us now; we were bitten by the bug after that first training session.  Val and I were guided very cleverly, gently and very rarely dragged along, having great fun but learning as we went. 

We not only learnt how to use the equipment but how to interview, structure the show and reach the listeners.  We learnt an awful lot but because we had so much fun we didn’t realise how much we had actually learnt until after we did our live shows.  This only goes to show that Carl and Dave are great teachers.    

We would do it all again tomorrow.  Thanks for a great experience. 

Jacky Rotherham and Val Costain – LCC Adult Learning Service 


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