Edward J Kelly

Dear all,

I’m just writing to say what a fantastic time I had today at the studio in McDonalds.  I was a guest on Mike and Joe’s show – The MS Writers Workshop and thoroughly enjoyed myself….. Mike and Joe were first class and I was truly impressed by their organisation, skill and calm professionalism throughout the interview.

From a wider point of view, I have been following the online blog and have caught a few of the other shows that have aired from Kensington and I really think you have captured something.  Some of the conversations I had today made it clear that the community had really pulled together on this project and grasped the opportunity to make this radio station their own.

It is my sincere hope that this project will continue and that it will be possible to run the show again next year.  I’m sure you will have plenty of fresh DJs and presenters vying for a slice of the available airtime. 

Once again, I want to say how much I enjoyed myself today and many many thanks go to Mike and Joe for inviting me onto their show.

My Very Best Wishes and Kind Regards,

Edward J Kelly

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