Dust Settling

I will probably go up to McDonalds today and just have a quick peek, pinch meself then go to Wetherspoons for a full English Breakfast. Apparently Carl Speare ahs aready been down there!

Half way through the broadcast and purely down to public and community reaction, my views for the future of this project went from “Well wouldn’t it be nice to do this annually” to  “How do we make this a permanant thing”.

This seismic shift was almost entirely a result to what everyone had said to me, personally, overheard, in the comments book, on air.

You name it people are hungry for doing this as a long term community fixture. I thought we would need to run temporary ones for a couple of years, build up a track record, but guess what, we don’t , so now I think we should build on the catalytic change which has taken place and to use the old  old cliche, “go for it”

There is a way of doing this, it’s called a Community Licence Radio

communityradio@ofcom.org.uk –>“Community radio licences are for small-scale, not-for-profit radio stations operated for the good of members of the public, or of particular communities, and in order to deliver social gain. “

Well there you go, we can have one, it’s not an impossibility, but we just need the money, the funding, and the total support of you lot out there in KVfmland….I’m willing to give it  a go!


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