St Michaels

Saint Michael’s on KVFM   So our time on the air is over. Is it really three months since the children, and the ever-reliable Mr Edwards, went off to their first training session at New Park? He came back to tell me it was going to be “a hell of a lot of work”. He wasn’t wrong, but it has all been worthwhile.   All the presenters took to the task of drafting and re-drafting their shows, researching ideas, planning and performing their jingles, and many other things beside.   We listened to the first 2 shows in our classrooms and were amazed at how professional and confident they all were. Just goes to show how good the training they had was, and what good learners they are.   Today’s show, and our last was different. It was a celebration of our school and all that goes on inside it. With children from all junior classes contributing poems, stories and being interviewed. We listened to two children from my year 4 class read their poems out, and when they had finished the rest of the class burst out into spontaneous applause. When they came back they had big beaming smiles. I asked them what it was like, they both said they were nervous but it was great.   Then I got the chance to see at first hand just how thoroughly professional the children were. David and Keisha interviewed me. I think it was Mr Edwards’ idea to get his own back for all the extra work I lumbered him with.   Just like the children in my class, I was nervous, but once in the glass box I was just amazed at the way David and Keisha handled the show. We changed a few questions at the last minute, no problems for them they were the ultimate professionals. At the end of the programme they left to be greeted by family who had turned up to watch, who were obviously proud, and rightly so, of their children. Of the presenters themselves, as well as their own pride in a job well done, there was sadness as well. They had enjoyed themselves so much, but now it was over. They could, and would, have carried on every week if they had been allowed.   So a fantastic educational adventure has come to an end. On behalf of every one at St. Michael’s School, I would like to thank everyone involved with KVFM for their hard work and dedication, you’ve been brilliant.   To any one out there reading this, if you gets the chance to join Carl and the Likely Alliance in one of these ventures I would simply say” DO IT”.   Thanks again everyone involved.   Mr Machin at Saint Michael’s.    


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  1. hi,

    you may not remember me but i was on your radio show 2007 with ST. Micheals i would be very intrested doing a radio show for my new school blue coat and interview some of my friends

    P.S. please comee back to me on this steve.

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