Was that a dream or what!

I was on the presenter workshops for two months running up to the shows that went live.  I was only meant to be enquiring about what the radio programme was about to feedback to my team and I said that I would find out more about it and somebody else could do the presenting.

 On the first day of the workshops, I didn’t know anybody there except for one person.  We were thrown into the deep end and done a bit of practising on the decks and on the mike.  I was horrified by this as well as embarrassed.  Plus there were people there with a video camera – Aarrrrggghhh.  I done it anyway and we listened back to everybody who had done the task.  Everybody was complimenting each other pointing out the positives of the replay and the staff of likely Alliance made it a bit more of a fun thing so we all had a giggle about the replay’s too.   

 I decided from the first day that I might as well have a go at it myself as it wasn’t that bad (trying not to think about it going live).  I attended the next work shop and every workshop after that.  They were fun and we all got to know each other a lot more and just generally had a laugh about it.    

When we got to record our jingles I got a bit too confident and decided that I was going to sing part of my company name.  Everybody was really positive about it and everybody was singing it as well.  I was told that it was good advertising for it to have caught on like that.  I decided not to go for that last minute and dragged Dave Speare in with me to do a bit as part of the jingle to break it up a little; it was a good laugh practising it.       

So I am getting to the last two workshops before going live and thought about dropping out several times, I was getting myself into a real state.   I got Carl Speare to come into my office to meet with me to give me his opinion about how my show structure was going.  I then felt a lot better about it and knew where I was going next.    

I have a few days before the show and I am absolute panic but I thought it’s too late to pull out now I have put a lot of work into it so I will see it through.  I changed my script around so many times but then I got to the point where I thought if it goes wrong it goes wrong it community radio and not BBC.    

The day of the KVFM going live I tuned in to find out what it was going like and to show my support too.  Everybody sounded great and the children from the schools sounded like they had been doing it professionally for years.  There had been lots of information given and I had a pen and paper handy to take down information I had heard and not known about.  All was going well for everybody.  Tomorrow is my show!!  

 I done my first show and for the first half an hour I couldn’t breathe properly and then I got a proper feel for the studio and suddenly I am sitting there interviewing people and generally enjoying it.  The time went so fast I couldn’t believe it.  I honestly thought I would never fill a two hour slot but I was cutting bits out as I had far too much.  All of my family and colleagues had been listening and was really impressed.  I was impressed that I didn’t pass out live on air!!    

Now I am developing my script for my second show and I have told myself I am going to have more fun with this one as the last one was work, work, and work.  Hopefully on this show on Friday 30th I will be able to give a lot more shouts out to people and just enjoy every minute because it doesn’t actually last that long.    

This is a big shout out to all of the staff from Likely Alliance – Thanks for all of your help I couldn’t have done it without you guys!!

Xx Lisa Jones JET Eastern Link 


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