Sad or what

The three young people from the Academy who did the breakfast show were undoubtedly sad when realising this was their final stint. They had done three so far and were now putting together a witty erudite two hour show with no guests, based on the professionalism and character inherent in their presentation skills. This is only going to get worse as the week goes on and the penny drops with the participants.

Alan Tapp who is here for everyone looks like he has been dipped into the River Jordan of Radio, Alan is this something you’ve always wanted to have a go at…Carl fixed it for you, your medallion is in the post.

I looked over at the two girls in the 2 til 4 slot and noticed that one girl’s feet didn’t even touch the floor, you know you’re getting old when the presenters feet don’t touch the floor.

As for me still managed to paly the same record twice  once, despite swearing on a copy of  the I-Spy book of radio production techniques, and  using my unique disc managemnet technique, talking and pressing buttons is so difficult.

I’ve got one more chace to redeem myself on Thursday, keep listenininging as we finish on friday……


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