Day four: An Hour of airtime lost and yet what a gain!

Picture the scene:Two members of school staff from a local junior school, that had accompanied the young people (as is norm) that were about to go on air, from 10am until 12noon. Family members representing the presenting team were present eagerly awaiting their young people hitting the Kensington airwaves. It was not hard to spot the disappointment on all the above mentioned faces as they looked into the studio realizing that we had lost transmission from the second minute of the show. Getting us back on the airwaves took 55min and there is no story here.

In the duration of that lost transmitting hour I witnessed a major coming together of all that had turned up to view the young people on air & one Dad (I think)  had even  taken a couple of hours off work to be there.

By the time we were back on the air, I could see all outside of the studio listening with enthusiasm and intent, with continued exchanges of smiles and waves to and from the studio, even when their young people were interviewing Jenny Dobson (Arachnologist, Bughouse World Museum Liverpool). The excitement from both parties was so evident when the young people left the studio and walked in to a shower of praise and excitement.

The visuals of what followed: the whole group came together to share and exchange views of what had just been achieved and then sat as one to take liquid / food refreshments for around 45min. The level of interaction between the whole group (as it had become) is what Community Radio is all about for me, a tool that engages, includes and encourages all within its path and at the same time putting a smile on face’s.   

 To date we have had 24 two hour live shows (with the last show being looped from 8pm to 8am), this will be a further 48 show hours (by 8am Friday 23rd) and we have interviewed some 53 people up to close of play (8pm) tonight.  Community presenter’s performances are great, and just think – all those skills’s, knowledge and shared experiences stay within the Kensington Commnuity. We have had show topics covering:- As-One (showcasing a new Community text service for young people, giving them information of whats going on within their Community for them)- Disney(the man his music and films)- All roads lead to Kensington from Captain Steve ( looking at the Kensington Community (Billy Butler interviewed on this show and he also featured on one of the Junior school shows the day after), Bridewell studio (professional arts gallery and workshop space) – Louise & Wendy ( identifying what volunteers can help with and a look at the Kensington Community) – Victim Support ( what it offers to victims of crime & volunteering) – M S writers with Joe & Mike (writers group information for people with Multiple Sclerosis & guesting Jimmy McGovern – him of the Emmy award) – Venture Housing (their role within Community, services offered within the Community), Community safety (  Young presenters looking at crime and discussing issues with the police) – Wild Animals (information and fact show)  JET (information advice for those seeking, job’s, education and training) – Adult Learning Service (LCC ) Jackie & Val (what a partnership these two are)   



  1. I too witnessed the transmission problems and have to say that watching the totally un-flappable, cool as a cucumber carl whose ability to remain chilled even when the heat is full on has led me to believe that he is not actually human………David Icke one of your lizards is alive and well at KVFM!!

  2. I just did a blog about the Bughouse at World Museum Liverpool, that features Jenny Dobson! Have a look…

    National Museums Liverpool Blog

  3. I hope the partnership comment about Val and is meant as a compliment!!!!!!!

    This has been a great experience thanks to everyone involved.

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