Today on KVfm-Cracker of an Emmy Scoop


Day two of the broadcast, we are getting fully in the swing of this radio stuff, highlights of the day must be Billy Butler and his Sandie Shaw breast feeding expose , and the fact we scooped all the other commercial & otherwise radio stations on Merseyside by getting Jimmy McGovern on to speak on the MS Writers show just after he found out he had won an Emmy award in the US of A for “The Street”. Well done Jimmy.

Given the reaction we’re getting it looks like we might have some resistance to turning off the signal on the 30th, Crazy Carl has offered a kidney (his own I hope) if we stay on all the time.

For the second day running KVfm coffee consumption has disabled the McDonalds coffee machine and we all have to drink tea.

And dont forget to keep on texting in with comments, shout outs, requests (keep them clean) and entries to the “KVfm big prize draw” competition. Call in, get your free pencil, pick up a poster- someone called Ashton called in because “Mee mate told me dat Kenny Raydio was on in Maccy Ds and I dont beleive them”, well he does now!


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